Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A new quilt on the way!

I am going to visit my brother soon in his summerhouse and I want to make a wall hanging for him. I got myself in to some problems at first. But don't I always?? giggle More about that later.
I will write all about my work-process getting this quilt done in another post. If you want to follow that or just follow my fumblings around in the Quilt-world, you can push the follow-button on the right side-bar.
Otherwise I am slowly learning/playing around with the layout of this blog. I can fix a car-engine, but for the life of me I have problems learning about this design, layout, HTML and whatever everything is called! hehehe But it IS fun although I am cheating a bit out of fear.... I started another "training" blog just to see the effects of what I do. That way I don't mess up this blog and have to start all over!
The post about the new quilt will start tomorrow...

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