Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dreams and plans

We all have both dreams and plans about quilts we want to sew or patterns we want to try. For me there are so many patterns, I would need till the end of time to finish them. Most likely even then I would be shouting: Oh wait, I just need to do this one...
I like art that has some kind of theme. Not that my quilts are art, but I thought it could be fun to make a series of quilts that follow the same theme.
I have started two series and do hope I will finish them before somebody drags me away from my quilting! hehe
The first finished quilt in a 3 quilts series called Africa's Treasures is this one:

I am going to use the same pattern, but different coloured fabrics in the 3 quilts.
One is about the monetary treasures we find in Africa. The second will be the culture and the last one will be nature.
I just find a fabric with a lot of colours where they "slide" in to each other. I cut long strips, making sure to keep them in order as I go along. Sew them together with a black fabric and cut. Then it is pinning and sewing, moving the rows one square up.
Then the fun starts!

I sewed the outline of Africa in black thread different places to symbolize that we call it the dark continent. Circles in gold thread is off course the gold we take. "Pearls", "crystals" and real garnets were sewn in each corner of the squares as a symbol of the gems being mined.
I did find the fabric for the one about culture, but I am still finding the things that will symbolize the culture, like wooden beads and so on.

The other series with a theme is the four seasons of the year. The first is Autumn because I just happened to get fabrics in those colours:

Nothing difficult in that pattern, just strips of fabrics sewn together with black frames. The others will be the same but off course in colours of that season.

That was it, nothing fancy and simple patterns. But if will be fun to see the end result. If only I didn't get side-tracked by other things I want to sew! hehehe

I completeley forgot I already finishes 3 wall hangings withe the same colour-theme!
My brother challenged me to do a quilt in blue, black, gray and white. The idea was that it was for him of course! Before I was finished there were 3 of them. Very strange since I didn't really think I would ever find a way of using those 4 colours together! giggle
The first one I used Disappearing 9-patch. (a woman posted a tutorial, if you want to see it go to: http://quiltsatcs.blogspot.com/2007/04/disappearing-9-patch-tutorial.html I know it is still there, even if she is no longer blogging. )
But here is mine

The next one were just playing with triangles, that were the one I like the most!

But my brother like this one best, so that is the one he got.


jan said...

Love these Quilts, the colours are fabulous. I am green with envy.
Jan in UK

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thank you , Jan! But they are really simple to make!