Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New day and more fun in the blogging world!

Well until now it is going OK. I still have to figure out how to post the blogs I like. I am also wondering if I can load more pictures that are together like in a folder... But, baby steps, baby steps.
Anyway, I thought I should tell you a bit more about my quilting-background.
I am very interested in religion and the sects that are isolating themselves. The Amish is one that is a big success, apart from some medical issues. I don't know why but it fascinates me how and why they need to be apart from the world.
Anyway, in books about the Amish you will always see these wonderful quilts! I didn't have a sewing machine and really was not good in sewing. But more than 20 years ago I decided to try and make one small quilt. I had no idea that there were quilt-patterns or books out there. So out came paper and my sons colouring-pens... Today I know the technique I used is English-paper-piercing, but I cut shapes out of cornflake-boxes... I didn't know about the wonderful world of quilting-fabrics so out came old shirts and dresses. Later I realised I could buy plain coloured cotton and started using that. From then on I am like a child in a fairground with a free pass to try everything!!
To get my first sewing machine ( a very old Husqvarna that were transformed to use electrics) was like a trip in the highest fastest roller coaster. Not to mention the rush of the cutting-mat and knife.... I found a quilting-shop in another town years later, candy for the soul is the only way to describe what I felt! Up till then I had only used solid colours and now I found small printed fabrics and books with patterns. What a paradise!
I could go on with getting Internet and all the pages of inspiration, but the best thing ever were to find groups with the kindest people that didn't think I were asking stupid questions and even like some of the quilts I make!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog accidentally, but will mark it down as a "favourite", so that I can peek in from time to time to see more of your work.

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thank you so much, Ingvild. I do hope you will come back and like what you see!