Thursday, 12 August 2010

UFO, why and why not?

OK, now everything has been moved from around the house in to one big room. That is a very good thing, but it also shows all of my UFOs...
I do envy those that don't have UFOs. They must have either discipline or a lot of work in progress.

I have been wondering about these UFOs, why do I have them and why shouldn't I have them??
In some cases it is because I made a mistake somewhere and I don't know how to fix it. It can also be that I can't find the right fabric. Those two reasons of having UFOs are sort of OK! LoL
Then there are all those blocks around. Some of the log cabin blocks in the picture are from a swap. I couldn't decide how I wanted the layout, so they became a UFO...
Other blocks I wanted to make in to pillows for the daybed. No idea why I left them! I do want lots of pillows and I have 3 blank ones so no excuse there!

There is one pile of blocks from the Orange mystery a while back. I didn't like they way my blocks looked, so they are waiting for the quilt fairy to inspire me.
I have one last category of UFOs. They are where I think a project is just too ugly to finish! Have no idea what I was thinking when I use some fabrics together. LoL

That was about the WHY, now to the WHY NOT.
I am embarrassed that they are that many, but I don't mind having some UFOs. So what if I have some things I didn't finish! I am my own boss and if I don't like the way something is going I can just put it away. If I see something exciting I want to try, I will do it and then what I am doing can wait. I am fine with the fact I have some blocks I didn't used. If I need a present in a day, I can make a table-runner fast.
Or am I just making excuses in order to calm my bad feelings about having UFO???
But I do promise myself that I will try to have some of them done by Christmas! LoL

Monday, 9 August 2010

New and bigger sewing room

It has been a while but now I can show you my new, bigger and better sewing room.
My "old" sewing room was fine but I wanted more space and one more table. At the same time I have this big living room so the logical thing to do was to switch them around. Yesterday morning I decided enough with thinking about it and just go ahead!
At one point looking at the mess and rubbing my sore muscles, I did question my sanity. But I continued and the result is more than good! Some things may be moved along the way as I start quilting, but I am really happy I did it.
Like always I just use the home furniture's. They are already there and works fine for me. The sewing table is in the centre making it easy to use from both sides. I have my treads and a book-case with solid fabrics behind. It also holds projects I am working on and UFOs I am determined to finish!

Next to that is another table I am going to use for cutting, layouts and so on. I use dinner-tables, they are big and have a nice height when you are working. My chair is an office-chair because it has wheels that will allow me to move easily.
I don't have anywhere else to put the daybed, so it had to be near the window. I can use it to lay out blocks and see how a layout will work. Some of my solids are next to it in a metal frame with big baskets I can just pull out and put on the table.

Next to the daybed is a book-cases with prints, books, magazines and patterns. Some of my UFO are in the white book-case.

I have my computer and a TV in the room also. The plan is to connect them so I can watch quilt-TV while I am sewing.
That was it about my new sewing room, I am exited about being able to have a big room just for sewing!