Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A new quilt on the way!

I am going to visit my brother soon in his summerhouse and I want to make a wall hanging for him. I got myself in to some problems at first. But don't I always?? giggle More about that later.
I will write all about my work-process getting this quilt done in another post. If you want to follow that or just follow my fumblings around in the Quilt-world, you can push the follow-button on the right side-bar.
Otherwise I am slowly learning/playing around with the layout of this blog. I can fix a car-engine, but for the life of me I have problems learning about this design, layout, HTML and whatever everything is called! hehehe But it IS fun although I am cheating a bit out of fear.... I started another "training" blog just to see the effects of what I do. That way I don't mess up this blog and have to start all over!
The post about the new quilt will start tomorrow...

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dreams and plans

We all have both dreams and plans about quilts we want to sew or patterns we want to try. For me there are so many patterns, I would need till the end of time to finish them. Most likely even then I would be shouting: Oh wait, I just need to do this one...
I like art that has some kind of theme. Not that my quilts are art, but I thought it could be fun to make a series of quilts that follow the same theme.
I have started two series and do hope I will finish them before somebody drags me away from my quilting! hehe
The first finished quilt in a 3 quilts series called Africa's Treasures is this one:

I am going to use the same pattern, but different coloured fabrics in the 3 quilts.
One is about the monetary treasures we find in Africa. The second will be the culture and the last one will be nature.
I just find a fabric with a lot of colours where they "slide" in to each other. I cut long strips, making sure to keep them in order as I go along. Sew them together with a black fabric and cut. Then it is pinning and sewing, moving the rows one square up.
Then the fun starts!

I sewed the outline of Africa in black thread different places to symbolize that we call it the dark continent. Circles in gold thread is off course the gold we take. "Pearls", "crystals" and real garnets were sewn in each corner of the squares as a symbol of the gems being mined.
I did find the fabric for the one about culture, but I am still finding the things that will symbolize the culture, like wooden beads and so on.

The other series with a theme is the four seasons of the year. The first is Autumn because I just happened to get fabrics in those colours:

Nothing difficult in that pattern, just strips of fabrics sewn together with black frames. The others will be the same but off course in colours of that season.

That was it, nothing fancy and simple patterns. But if will be fun to see the end result. If only I didn't get side-tracked by other things I want to sew! hehehe

I completeley forgot I already finishes 3 wall hangings withe the same colour-theme!
My brother challenged me to do a quilt in blue, black, gray and white. The idea was that it was for him of course! Before I was finished there were 3 of them. Very strange since I didn't really think I would ever find a way of using those 4 colours together! giggle
The first one I used Disappearing 9-patch. (a woman posted a tutorial, if you want to see it go to: I know it is still there, even if she is no longer blogging. )
But here is mine

The next one were just playing with triangles, that were the one I like the most!

But my brother like this one best, so that is the one he got.

My sewing room

I don't know about you, but I love to see where other quilter create their beautiful quilts. I don't think I only make beautiful things. Boy, there are some ugly duckies created in my sewing room!! But, I claim they are there to learn how NOT to do it, and I am so sticking with that explanation! hehehe
Way back in the beginning when I didn't have too many fabrics ( will you ever have TOO many?) it was fine to have everything in a bag. As my passion grew it was boxes and more bags around the house. Sewing was done in the living room or kitchen. At one point if you came for a visit, the first thing you would see in the hall, was my desk with my sewing machine! A hall is not the best place I must admit, but I was happy there among coats and shoes. hehehe
And then came the day when I could enter paradise! I got a HOLE room just for sewing. No need to pack everything, keep the space tidy or move wet gloves if I wanted to sew. A door to close and just disappear in to the quilting... Sure you can quilt anywhere and people create the most beautiful things in a kitchen. But a sewing room MUST be the ultimate dream for a quilter.

My sewing room is a mixture of furniture's you can find elsewhere in the house. I use a big kitchen table because it gives me space for the sewing machine, cutting-mat and fabrics. Just next to my machine I have a tiny cutting-mat and a mini-ruler. My chair is a simple office-chair. I love the fact it has wheels and can turn without me getting up! When I am sewing I have the ironing board set low beside me. I use a ugly metallic-frame with big baskets from Ikea for my solid fabrics. It is normally used in a tall cabinet for clothes. But it is perfect to put a basket on the table and see all the nuances of one colour. I found an old printers draw, used for all the different letters. That have all my sewing treads in and it is so easy to find the one you need. It sits on a small book shelf with the current project-patterns and small rulers.

I have some cabinets with glass doors for the printed fabrics. They are good not only to keep silly cats that love to sleep and dig into fabrics out, but also to keep the fabrics inside from falling on the floor. Next to that is cheap bookshelves, again from Ikea, I use it for quilting book and files with patterns.

The last thing is a daybed with a quilt I won in a lotto in one quilt group I am a member of. It needs more pillows, but it is so nice to sit or lay there and just looking at my little quilting world!

That was it for my sewing room. Don't even for one minute think it always will be looking so tidy!! The photo's were taken on a day furniture's and all the stuff was put in place. I hate clutter, but do "suffer" from the quilting-virus. I hope I will never recover from that virus!!

New day and more fun in the blogging world!

Well until now it is going OK. I still have to figure out how to post the blogs I like. I am also wondering if I can load more pictures that are together like in a folder... But, baby steps, baby steps.
Anyway, I thought I should tell you a bit more about my quilting-background.
I am very interested in religion and the sects that are isolating themselves. The Amish is one that is a big success, apart from some medical issues. I don't know why but it fascinates me how and why they need to be apart from the world.
Anyway, in books about the Amish you will always see these wonderful quilts! I didn't have a sewing machine and really was not good in sewing. But more than 20 years ago I decided to try and make one small quilt. I had no idea that there were quilt-patterns or books out there. So out came paper and my sons colouring-pens... Today I know the technique I used is English-paper-piercing, but I cut shapes out of cornflake-boxes... I didn't know about the wonderful world of quilting-fabrics so out came old shirts and dresses. Later I realised I could buy plain coloured cotton and started using that. From then on I am like a child in a fairground with a free pass to try everything!!
To get my first sewing machine ( a very old Husqvarna that were transformed to use electrics) was like a trip in the highest fastest roller coaster. Not to mention the rush of the cutting-mat and knife.... I found a quilting-shop in another town years later, candy for the soul is the only way to describe what I felt! Up till then I had only used solid colours and now I found small printed fabrics and books with patterns. What a paradise!
I could go on with getting Internet and all the pages of inspiration, but the best thing ever were to find groups with the kindest people that didn't think I were asking stupid questions and even like some of the quilts I make!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Ok, so far so good, the last thing today is to add a picture.
It will be a small tablecloth using the Cardtrick-block.
Everything crossed? Here we go...

How do this work?

OK, I have done it! Stepped in to the world of today and got myself a blog!
Great idea, I have no clue what I am doing... giggle

But I suppose if I just give it some time, I will learn what it is all about and how to do it.