Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My sewing room

I don't know about you, but I love to see where other quilter create their beautiful quilts. I don't think I only make beautiful things. Boy, there are some ugly duckies created in my sewing room!! But, I claim they are there to learn how NOT to do it, and I am so sticking with that explanation! hehehe
Way back in the beginning when I didn't have too many fabrics ( will you ever have TOO many?) it was fine to have everything in a bag. As my passion grew it was boxes and more bags around the house. Sewing was done in the living room or kitchen. At one point if you came for a visit, the first thing you would see in the hall, was my desk with my sewing machine! A hall is not the best place I must admit, but I was happy there among coats and shoes. hehehe
And then came the day when I could enter paradise! I got a HOLE room just for sewing. No need to pack everything, keep the space tidy or move wet gloves if I wanted to sew. A door to close and just disappear in to the quilting... Sure you can quilt anywhere and people create the most beautiful things in a kitchen. But a sewing room MUST be the ultimate dream for a quilter.

My sewing room is a mixture of furniture's you can find elsewhere in the house. I use a big kitchen table because it gives me space for the sewing machine, cutting-mat and fabrics. Just next to my machine I have a tiny cutting-mat and a mini-ruler. My chair is a simple office-chair. I love the fact it has wheels and can turn without me getting up! When I am sewing I have the ironing board set low beside me. I use a ugly metallic-frame with big baskets from Ikea for my solid fabrics. It is normally used in a tall cabinet for clothes. But it is perfect to put a basket on the table and see all the nuances of one colour. I found an old printers draw, used for all the different letters. That have all my sewing treads in and it is so easy to find the one you need. It sits on a small book shelf with the current project-patterns and small rulers.

I have some cabinets with glass doors for the printed fabrics. They are good not only to keep silly cats that love to sleep and dig into fabrics out, but also to keep the fabrics inside from falling on the floor. Next to that is cheap bookshelves, again from Ikea, I use it for quilting book and files with patterns.

The last thing is a daybed with a quilt I won in a lotto in one quilt group I am a member of. It needs more pillows, but it is so nice to sit or lay there and just looking at my little quilting world!

That was it for my sewing room. Don't even for one minute think it always will be looking so tidy!! The photo's were taken on a day furniture's and all the stuff was put in place. I hate clutter, but do "suffer" from the quilting-virus. I hope I will never recover from that virus!!


Anonymous said...

Love your sewing room - so warm and cozy. I am enjoying your blog - it has a come in, sit down and have a cup of tea feeling.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie, what a nice thing to write! I would love for you to come and do just that. So grab a chair or sit on my quilt!

allstontowers said...

Hi Anne,
Saw your link on Q4All Digest. what a lovely sewing room you have. Also love the quilts - you really are a talented lady. I don't post much on the list these days as I'm too busy, but I do keep up with the posts when I can.

I didn't realise you'd been ill until I saw your post today. Hope you are much better now.

Jan - in Sussex where it's still sizzlignly hot!

Jo in Scotland said...

What a lovely room, so warm and inviting. I am just setting up a sewing room in our spare bedroom, but it is not as spacious as yours. Now that I have a wooden table in there (I use a small kitchen table like you) it feels rather full and I would never get a bed in there. Still, it is heaven to have your own sewing space isn't it? So wonderful to be able to close the door and not have to pack up and unpack a project each time you want to work on it!

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thank you Jan, I do enjoy having a sewing room.

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thank you Jo!
It is supposed to be the master bed room. But who needs a big room if you are sleeping? It is so much better to use it as a sewing room.
You are right, it feels good just to close the door and leave everything instead of packing and hiding it.
Good luck with you new sewing room!