Monday, 9 August 2010

New and bigger sewing room

It has been a while but now I can show you my new, bigger and better sewing room.
My "old" sewing room was fine but I wanted more space and one more table. At the same time I have this big living room so the logical thing to do was to switch them around. Yesterday morning I decided enough with thinking about it and just go ahead!
At one point looking at the mess and rubbing my sore muscles, I did question my sanity. But I continued and the result is more than good! Some things may be moved along the way as I start quilting, but I am really happy I did it.
Like always I just use the home furniture's. They are already there and works fine for me. The sewing table is in the centre making it easy to use from both sides. I have my treads and a book-case with solid fabrics behind. It also holds projects I am working on and UFOs I am determined to finish!

Next to that is another table I am going to use for cutting, layouts and so on. I use dinner-tables, they are big and have a nice height when you are working. My chair is an office-chair because it has wheels that will allow me to move easily.
I don't have anywhere else to put the daybed, so it had to be near the window. I can use it to lay out blocks and see how a layout will work. Some of my solids are next to it in a metal frame with big baskets I can just pull out and put on the table.

Next to the daybed is a book-cases with prints, books, magazines and patterns. Some of my UFO are in the white book-case.

I have my computer and a TV in the room also. The plan is to connect them so I can watch quilt-TV while I am sewing.
That was it about my new sewing room, I am exited about being able to have a big room just for sewing!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! There's no sense letting good space go unused when there's a quilter in the house. ;-)

searchfamilies said...

Looking good well done for doing it
Hugs Janice

Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful - enjoy your new expanded space :)

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thank you all of you!
The room was not really used to it's potiental before. With 3 doors in a long room it was difficult to make it cozy as a living room should be.
Now I have two perfect rooms instead. You are so right, Leslie, it was a waste of space not to use it as a sewing room!