Thursday, 15 July 2010

Words of wisdom?

Fabrics insulate the cupboard where it is kept.
Buying fabrics helps to keep the economy going.
Buying fabrics are cheaper and more fun that psychotherapy.
Fabrics don’t need to be kept cool and don’t need to be cooked in order to be enjoyed.
Fabrics are not immoral, illegal or fattening.
Fabrics calm the nerves and satisfy the soul.
Fabrics are good in order to cover empty spaces like the ironing-board, dining room table and the guest room.

Fabrics satisfy your hunger after beauty and inspiration, at least 5 times:
1. When you fondle it in the shop.
2. When you buy it.
3. When you look at it.
4. When you sew a quilt out of it.
5. When you cuddle under the wonderful quilt you made.

Fabrics are cheaper than car-parts, golf and fishing.
The one that has more fabrics wins.
You ARE allowed to buy more fabrics, you deserve it!
These are just few of the defenses I have found on my way...


Jo in Scotland said...

I think it should be "fabrics insulate the cupboard" but it's a funny poem nonetheless!

Anne's quilting fun said...

Sorry Jo, I translated it from Swedish! LoL I will change it, thanks for the tip!