Sunday, 18 July 2010

Stained glass log cabin, my way.

Hello again.
We finally got some rain to cool down the hot weather we have been having.
I jumped in to my sewing room and played around with the stained glass log cabin. I do apologise if somebody has the copyright. Do let me know and I will remove the post! I did look for a pattern but the only one I found is this: It is beautiful, but very different from the two I made.
Here are mine:

I used 2" strips and centre and 3/4" black strips. The finished blocks are 12" and 9"
In the 9" block I just alternated between the two different sizes strips.

The other one I only used the narrow strips on two sides before using the wider strips.

Maybe this picture is better:

I finished with the 3/4" strip so it looked like the other. This was just a test, that is why I only used 2 colours. It is fun to play with the log cabin block. I am still amazed how many ways it can be done.


searchfamilies said...

Very Nice Anne
Hugs Janice

Anne's quilting fun said...

Thanks Janice, it was fun playing!
Hugs Anne

carryl said...

Anne, I love your version of log cabins. Looks time consuming, but very striking. Your friend, Carryl in the USA

Anne's quilting fun said...

Carryl, it is really simple if you look at the blocks. It is just a matter of putting a narrow strip instead of the normal strip.
Glad you liked my playing!